So you have questions about Happy Beach Vibe.  We took the time to answer some of the most common questions below.  But if you have one we haven't heard let us know and we will reach out to you when we can.

1. What does Happy Beach Vibe mean to us?  

Happy Beach Vibe was created after traveling to beaches and resorts world wide and always being on the go.  We wanted light comfortable clothing that fits well and feels good on your skin after being at the beach or resort pool all day.  The actual name well here you go... Happy - because who doesn't want to be happy all the time - Beach - that is where you will mostly find us and we naturally love it - Vibe - because for us the beach vibe is the only way to live. 

 2. What does Shaka or the Hang Loose sign mean?  

In Hawaii it is a way to say hello. You throw a shaka and a smile and all is good.  It seems to be a universal hello as we throw the shaka to everyone we come across.  Want to say "thank you", throw a shaka. Want to show "someone you care", throw a shaka. Someone gave you a wave while surfing, throw them a shaka. A person compliments your Happy Beach Vibe shirt.. throw a double shaka!!!

3. Will there be more shirt designs coming out?

Yes, we are always working on more Happy Beach Vibe designs.  We will have more shirts and tanks coming soon.

4. Where can I get Happy Beach Vibe stickers?

Reach out to us in the "Contact" section with your name and address and we will send you a few stickers for free.

5. Where else can I buy Happy Beach Vibe Clothing?

Currently we are online.