About Us

"The sea, once it cast its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."            Jacques Cousteau

That wonder started for me early.

I have to thank my mom and dad for my passion and true love of the beach. 

My very first place to call home was right on the beach. My parents would open the back door and let me crawl on the sand and play all day (so my mom says). 


Later we moved further inland but… it was too late.  The beach had made it’s lasting impression on me.

My mom would drive me and my friends down to our local beaches and read a book while we boogie boarded, bodysurfed and played all day in the water.  I eventually took up surfing.

Surfing started a completely new passion focusing on the beach and searching for waves. 

When I graduated college I jumped into the work force and surfed as much as I could between meetings and crazy work schedules.  Never losing the passion for the beach and everything it gave me. 

I have always kept the idea of creating a brand based around everything the beach has made me feel through the years.  

Welcome to Happy Beach Vibe - it's more then a brand - it is a lifestyle, a culture and I am happy to share it in any way I can.

Please share your Happy Beach Vibe stories and pictures on Instagram @HappyBeachVibe.  We'd love to hear them.