Happy Beach Vibe in Maui

Happy Beach Vibe just got back from Maui.  What a beautiful place.  If you haven't been there you must add it to your destination of AWESOME BEACHES to visit. 
It doesn't matter if you surf, hike, are a professional lounger, foodie or enjoy walking on pristine beaches or maybe all of them... Maui has got you covered.
You definitely have to rent a car and go to some of the "not so touristy" places.  We are fortunate to have local friends who took us around some great hidden treasures.  But if you do not know anyone living on the island I would suggest renting a car and exploring yourselves. 
While lounging around I definitely noticed what people were wearing for a day at the beach.  Ironically I saw a lot of items you can find right here on Happy Beach Vibe. We have the perfect beach gear for Hotel Lounging or cruising around the island.
I walk around in my boardshorts all day.  Because well... you just never know when you may see a great place to jump in the ocean.  Boardshorts also dry quickly so you won't be walking around in wet trunks for too long.  
If you are heading to Maui or any other beach make sure to stop by Happy Beach Vibe and pick up your apparel and gear for your trip.
Have Fun!!!
Happy Beach Vibe


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